We help Matvey to achieve his dream — to take part
in the international dance competition

Matvei Smirnov

Narva, Estonia
Matvey is 14 years old now. He was born with down syndrome but despite of the terrifying diagnosis the family did not loose faith. The best thing to do was to stay hopeful and to give this child the best life possible.

For a long time little Matvey could not crawl, sit or talk and physiotherapist detected no muscular development. Despite all the pessimistic prognosis Matvey was able to stand on his own feet at the age of three. By four years old he was walking, and shortly after, his speech skills started to pick up too.

Matvey is preparing to go to 7th grade now. Every day he travels to school from Narva to Achtme, which takes him 40 minutes each way.

He really enjoys school and tries hard to do his best, but certain tasks are much more complicated for him to process than for other kids of his age.

Matvey expresses a lot of interest to the activities that involve adults. He is eager to do anything; read, write, draw, colour in, as long as he is in the company of other people. He loves going for walks and at the moment he is learning to ride a bike. It is not an easy task, but watching Matvey trying and persevering, we believe he will be able to cycle in no time. He is also a real help to his family and happily joins in all house spring cleans.

Matvey has a dream of performing. Every time he gets to see a concert of performance he wishes to be on stage. Recently he got interested in dancing which made his dream of stage a bit more tangible. Unfortunately, the conventional way of practicing was impossible as Matvey required special tutor, with whom he can easily communicate and get along with. Usually people would feel sympathy and start treating him with special care, which does not motivate Matvey to grow and experience new things in life.

Thanks to the special development centre "Matveyka", the boy has a chance to pursue his passion of dancing. The new atmosphere is really beneficial for his development as Matvey isn't treated here like a kid with 'special' needs but a normal boy with his own unique qualities. As well as studying with other kids, he enjoys being a part of a community and meeting new friends. Although, being shy and having speech difficulties make it hard for him at times to communicate with his peers, as they do not always understand him. Hence, he prefers a company of adults who are easier for him to get along with.

Matvey is really charming and positive boy. One can learn a lot from his cheerful nature as it is simply intoxicating. He loves dancing and making jokes, never gets disheartened and most importantly he enjoys life! If you ask Matvey so speak about himself, he will reply that he is just a cool kid who loves box and music. The best thing about Matvey is that even in a critical situation he does not panic but tries to stay cool-headed and find a positive solution.

We help Matvey to achieve his dream — to take part
in the international dance competition

Tallinn, Estonia
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Vladislav Loginov