Spring, oh spring
Spring, oh spring.
This season has started with snow and no one was surprised with it.
I keep going to my goal and training so hard. After competitions in Dijon, I tried myself in 50 m diving and I made it.
Now I try to dive with such distance of 50 m everytime I have a training.
Some time ago, when I was working in a camp for kids, I got a call from Vlad (Vladislav Loginov), he told me about a woman, who was ready to give me some equipment for diving absolutely FREE OF CHARGE.
I was so surprised and amazed.
I called Angelika (it was her name) and she gave me 2 items for diving and a jacket, moreover, she gave me a sprecial bag for carrying the equipment. I am so thankful, thank you Angelika!
Last Saturday I tried the equipment – everything is working.
So, summer is coming, that means that I will dive in open water, then, there will be top-level competitions in France (Autumn, 2018).
I am ready to fight and to keep moving to my goal.
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