Fun Run in 01st of April
My movements are light – it is about running.
My heart is dancing.
No matter if it is raining or snowing –
We are not gonna stop.
Running is health.
Running is a success.
Running – it is fun.
Running – it is for everybody.
There was not just Fun Run in April,01 of 2018, but it was the Universe of running people, when there were both people who love running and who do not run at all to support Valentin and Dmitry Krassikov, who are under care of BeU.
It is hard to describe a storm of different feelings, which a man gets while he or she runs, especially, when someone runs and says hi to April wind, feeling his or her breath, feeling how the air and energy are circulating and fillung them from inside.
At such moments, you understand how much strength you have and how cheerful you are. It is so good when you are just running and everyone around you is doing the same, everybody is glad, smiling and there are no winners or losers.
Everyone, who came, who ran, who supported, YOU are the best, YOU are the champions, YOU are the winners, just because you came.
This world needs such brave, honest, sympathetic and funny people.
All BeU team, as well as Valentin and Dmitry, WE ALL thank YOU for being here in this world.
Special BeU-thanks goes to the club Motus and its wonderful runner and chief Anton Pratkunas.
All together we got 230 Euro for our fencers Valentin and Dmitry.
We made it all together, because we wanted to do it, because we all are MAGITIANS.
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Tallinn, Estonia
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Vladislav Loginov