Tenerife, 2022
Age: 12
Age: 13
Age: 15
Age: 42
Roman Efros
Age: 12
Disability: Attention deficit
Why to participate:
To become successful, respected, good-hearted and wise
Life goals: to be physically healthy
Achievements: swimming for 7 years
Miroslav Burdyga
Age: 13
Disability: Autism spectrum disorder
Why to participate: I like this kind of projects.
Life goals: Art
Achievements: Programming and design
Matvey Smirnov
Age: 15
Disability: Down syndrome
Why to participate: To improve health, to increase endurance, to learn to cope with the water
Life goals: To be physically healthy
Achievements: 2018 - dancing in Happy Hearts, No Limit Dance fest (Narva)
Jelena Pipper
Age: 42

Disability: Cerebral palsy, severe spastic diplegia, amblyopia

Why to participate: I am already familiar with surfing for the disabled, its theory and practice, as I earlier participated in the project "European Surfweek for the disabled" in Belgium during the period 2000-2004 and in 2016, where I won bronze and golden medals in the category of windsurfing for the disabled of different degree of disability in standing position using a specially designed and constructed surfboat and the Starboard boat. I think I could be a good assistant for both children and adults with different degree of disability since I have obtained a huge experience of interaction with people who have impaired vision as well as mental disabilities, with those who have speech impairment as a result of cerebral paralysis, and also in the work with mixed groups of the disabled according to their age and health features.

I am a positive and highly active person who can inspire others despite the pain and difficulties I have.

Life goals: At the moment I am putting efforts to fulfill my dream – to take part and compete for medals together with my coach Maksim Ignatenko in the World Championship of bench press, which is being held on July 13-20 in Kazakhstan. This is the second and the only obligatory competition in 2019 in terms of full physical preparation for participation in Paralympic Games 2020 in Tokyo.


A mother of 13-year-old son

Master of Science in Natural Sciences (Tallinn University of Technology)

Chairman and founder of non-profit organisation Association of Disabled Women in Tallinn and Harjumaa, founder of non-profit organisation Estonian Association of Disabled Women

Numerous achievements in sport in 2018-2019

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