The star was born!
They say, that when a star falls, a human can make a wish and it is going to come true anyway.
Everyone of us can make a wish right now.
Did you do it?
You can be sure that the miracle will come soon.
It will come true, because there is a new star at the sky, a new person under care of our BeU fund – Anna Ruzanova.
This lady is with several special aspects about her health, she moves and daces using her wheel-chair.
A Choreographer and a ballet dancer Vladimir Shklyarov performed with Anna on March, 26 of 2019 on the stage of Mariinsky Theatre (St- Petersburg, Russia), the dance performance was called "The noise of thoughts".
Vladimir says about his work: "a purpose of my work is neither about creating an immortal masterpiece, nor about opening a new choreographic genre…My goal is to remind about main and important things. The important things are not about material things – they are in the open heart, caring glance, they are about giving a hand… "
Dream, friends! All true wishes come true.

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Tallinn, Estonia
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Vladislav Loginov