Dream about it! Do it!

Dear friends, we have wonderful news!

We are sure, that all of you have heard about EMS trainings.
Yes! It is a fitness of the future, they promise that within 20 minutes of such a training will be equal to 3 hour of a regular one!!! Three hours for 20 minutes!!!

(EMS - electrical muscle stimulation) – it is about effecting your muscles with a device, which sends electrical signals through some electrodes, fixed on a skin surface. Therefore, there are pulses alike muscular activity during a training.

People under care of our charity fund BeU have reduced physical capabilities. But such difficulties do not stop them from having ambitious sport goals and following their dreams.

BeU fund has got a new Partner - Energy Club Tallinn. There is a support from this club to Makar Medvedev and Jelena Pipper – now they can have EMS trainings once a month in the club with a coach!!!!!!!
Jelena has already had one training with the coach Ilja Tsibisov.

BeU thanks everyone and our team is very glad to have such a wonderful new partner!

"Giving everything,
I receive God's Eternity
Vladislav Loginov.

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Tallinn, Estonia
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Vladislav Loginov