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Vladislav Loginov
inspirer, organizer
Kundalini yoga teacher, medium, moving spirit (inspirer), angelologist, coach, practicing energy healing and theta-healing. I lived in the USA, England and Russia for 17 years. I participated in "A course in miracles" in the USA with Marianne WillIamson (a famous writer of more than 20 books, some New York bestsellers, and supported by Oprah Winfrey).

My teachers of Kundalini yoga are Alexander Sidelnikov, Hari Jiwan, Karta Singh, Gurujas (a"White Sun" vocalist and 2016 Grammy Winner), Maya Fiennes (a musician/composer and the author of "Yoga for Real Life"), Mariya Kalinina (a former model/actress).

My motto is: Go with the Flow!

ALexander Dronov
organizer, volunteer
Why is it important to participate? —
Because I can do this. Because I don't support the entrenched segregation of the society into the disabled and the rest of people. Because I love surfing and consider it to be well suitable for the platform to change consciousness and perception of oneself and the world.

Life goals —
To сreate a chain of wellness centres in Moscow and Moscow region.
And a social value of this project is to provide people with the opportunity to take care of their health and physical condition avoiding illnesses connected with locomotor system and overweight.

Achievements —
The first centre of the wellness centres chain in Ljubertsy opened at the end of 2018.

Sport achievements —
Bronze medal in Badminton Championship Moscow Open 2019 (pairs, MDE)
The winner of mini-football championship among Moscow State University graduates in 2018

Juri Chuvahin
surfing instructor, coach
Why is it important to participate? —
Because I can do this. I love surfing and have sufficient experience in teaching. I think that the philosophy of surfing and the element of sport in this kind of activity is able to influence positively on both mental and physical condition of a disabled person.

Life goals —
Surfing and kitesurfing development.
System-based approach, professional training. Coach work and participation in social and sport projects. Organization of a safari park and expeditions.

Achievements —
The first Russian school of kitesurfing, windsurfing and surfing in South America (Venezuela, Margarita Island) opening in 2018.
The first Russian school of surfing, kitesurfing and surf club opening on Canary Islands, Tenerife in 2015.

Sport achievements —
ISA SURF Instructor
SLSGB surf coach lifesaver open water
IKO Kite Instructor

Alexander Sidelnikov
Yoga teacher
Why is it important to participate? —
Because the highest level of human deeds is serving. Serving each other and helping those who need. By combining our talents and good intentions, we create more kindness and learn ourselves better. Thanks to this project we will help some of the guys with a distinct perception of the world to feel themselves a part of a big family and learn themselves better. As well as we will contribute to their integration into the society.

Life goals —
- To evolve myself constantly and follow the path of my heart.
- To help people gain the energy and mindfulness through Kundalini yoga practice.
- To create an online web portal that gives Kundalini yoga basic knowledge and practice, which will increase the level of mindfulness of those who wishes.
- With the help of online yoga classes, to unite people from small towns and areas where qualified yoga teachers and classes are not available. To create a global project which will help people to unleash their potential and guide their life to the direction of happiness and flourishing.

Achievements —
- Online yoga courses that help people from different countries to live more joyful and full life.
- KRI Level I, II Kundalini Yoga Teacher Certificate
- I teach yoga classes, seminars and organise yoga tours all over the world.
- I translate trainings for Kundalini yoga teachers.
- I live a full happy life and evolve constantly.

Alexander Vasjuchkin
kundalini yoga instructor, psychologist, coach
Why is it important to participate? —
Because I have an experience in organisation of festivals and tours, therefore, I can do this. I like surfing, ocean, and I am inspired by huge waves, getting in which I experience a lot of feelings. And I also liked the idea of the project in terms of the power of surfing that gives the moral and physical positive influence on disabled people, and in terms of the opportunity to live a fuller life and better socialize in the society, as well.

Life goals —
Professional development in psychology and Kundalini yoga.
Kundalini yoga development.
Professional training.
Yoga and psy tours organization in different countries.
Participation in social projects and festivals.

Achievements —
More than 20 yoga and psy tours organized in Russia and other countries, including Sri Lanka, Greece, Turkey, Crimea, Krasnodar Krai, etc.
✓ Annual participation in a Kundalini yoga festival in Russia as an organizer
✓ Organization of the charity foundation "Ruki Nebes" in 2014
✓ Creation of a training online course on chakras in 2013
✓ A prize winner of regional competitions of cross-country skiing and athletics.

Diplomas and certificates —
✓ Certificated in international program of the institute KRI, IKYTA as a Kundalini yoga teacher in 2013
✓ Diploma of educational psychologist in 2006
✓ Many other certificates.

Alexandra Lubentsova
Why is it important to participate? —
I am supporting the project because I trust in the warmth of our open hearts and in the power of water element. I believe that both bring healing.
I am sure that together we can overcome any challenges and make this world a little lighter.
I admire beauty, spiritual power and will of our participants.
Let's light up the hearts and transform the world around!

Regarding participation, volunteering, partnership and support, please contact: vladislavangels @ gmail.com

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