Let' go for a run!
Running is the most available kind of sports, which unites people despite of wherever they are occupied with in their lives. All are equal in running.

You do not have to be rich to be able to help and support. Charity is only within arm's reach for taking your running shoes from a shelf.
Fun run race is going to take place in Narva – April, 1 of 2018. The race will have a meaning, all participants will support amazing guys, the Krassikov brothers – Valentin and Dmitry, the boys with special physical features, they have a goal, and it is not only about running to reach the finish line, but to reach their dream – to become a part of para-olympics team of Estonia and go to Olympic Games in Tokyo, 2020, representing fencing on wheelchairs.

Running is the simpliest way of helping and supporting people. Running means to spend some good time with pleasure and with benefits for yourselves. Running is the way to help. Running means fun!
We are waiting for everybody on April,1.

It is easier to support, than you think. http://beu-fund.com/support

The fun run race is maneged with the help of the running club MOTUS

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Tallinn, Estonia
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Vladislav Loginov