We are no limit
When: February, 2 2019

Where: Narva, Estonia, Art-Residence

What: International dance festival «No Limit Dance Fest»

Event planners: the Fund of Integration, non-profit organization "Eriline Maailm", Marek Vetik, non-profit organization BeU.

The event took place as a part of a sub-project "Collaboration in the field of integration" and the main project was named "Support events for society of Estonia integration" from European social fund.
Sponsors: A. Le Coq, Astri Group, Liivarand, Noorusspahotel, Flyboard-baltic, Jelena Balandina, Disco Agentuur, Omatoit.

What about: YES to dance, NO to limits, everybody is equal in dancing.

Details: That day there were people, who wanted to show their dances, because it was a dance battle.

There were participants of different ages at that event – from 6 to 35 years old – and it was a confirmation, that no limits existed and no one needed them. Moreover, dancers had an opportunity to perform under any category: kids, adults, or, being a part of both – it depended on their feelings and perceptions. Participants danced using the styles they liked the most and a DJ played different tracks.

Who were in a judge team? Ekaterina Soorsk, BiBoy DieHard and Jene Walker.

Musicmakers and a host: DJ Ken Two, DJ Jimmy Saito and the host Aleksandr Žemžurov.

The winners: Bboy Tipsi (Dima Ivanov) from Kohtla-Jarve and Alisa Tretyakova (Tallin, Estonia) according to the audience choice.

For those, who wanted to learn how to dance

The funny and charismatic dancer from Tunisia Wissem DieHard gave break dance and hip hop master-classes. The hip hop master Jene Walker from the USA, who had been living for several years in Estonia, he caught the flow and practiced dancing with participants; also, he told about the history of hip hop style foundation.

The specialist of "passive trainings" Ekaterina Soorsk told to the audience, that the main thing in dance art was about total naturalness of moves as they should come from the very soul of a dancer. According to her words, dancers should not be afraid to look odd, as a dance is about showing emotions through the moves and emotions could not be something shameful.

For those, who wanted to discuss the inclusive education topic
An open discussion for this topic became a central event of the fest and made it very special one. Participants had a chance to discuss inclusive education matters with people, who were involved in educational process and they shared different points of view.

There were 2 dancing teams with special needs at the festival, they danced to honor a developing center "Matveyka" and the non-profit organization «Eriline Maailm». Those kids, who performed for "Matveyka" had two dance routines and they touched audience so much, some of people were crying, and a performance of Mariya and Matvey in costumes with symbols of Estonia got a storm of applause.

One of the event makers for the fest Marek Vetik (he is a frequent winner in different break dance competitions) showed an amazing dance with kids from the non-profit organization «Eriline Maailm».

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