How I ran marathon-2
or coming out of the shadow
Hello People! On 12th June 2017 I had a look at my diary and realised it had been a long time since my last post, time to come out from media shadow and into the light. There are a lot of really interesting things happening that Id really like to share.

Preface. My son is 6 months old already! Labor took place at home like in Maru'ska's case. The paper work was quite easy to deal with afterwards. We called in a family doctor who checked the boy, took all the measurements and wished us the best of luck! The curious thing happened at the registry office later when I was asked the number of birth documents . I called back the GP explaining that without the number we cannot register the son - no number no proof in database. She gave a short answer 'Number One'. That was the day Luka Aleksandrovich the First was born.

My middle daughter is championing the balance bike. The older one just got on the two wheel bike. The other day she asked me to take off the small wheels which I obediently did. To my great surprise she just got on the bike and conquered it without any anticipated failures. Im just amazed with this level of confidence.

Im cycling, going to pool and actually swiming better than when i had both legs. There are lots of funny moments in the swimming pool too. Few times I overheard young kids in the changing room discussing my 'robot leg' and if I'm able to swim at all. Some say that Ill never get tired and will cross the ocean. Or something like 'Look at that Robocop leg'. So basically quite cute comments about my artificial limb and nothing to be embarrassed about.

By the way, about embarrassment… after talking with other amputees and their relatives, I understood that it is quite a big problem. In the begging I was quite uncomfortable myself to be in public and it was easier to be in a crowd than pass by the neighbour. Here are the prejudice... But then I realised that people feel more comfortable looking at me the problem disappeared. Basically guys, stop worrying yourself for nothing. Like a good old saying teaches 'if you can't solve the problem, change your mind about it'. Since I haven't grown a new leg yet I don't give a damn about having an artificial limb. I can easily roll up my trousers and walk around with my metal leg and hydraulic brake in place of knee.

C-leg wasn't the coolest thing to have for it to cost that much. Ive tried it for some time and gave it back as i did not feel that the quality was much greater comparing to 3r80. I bought a variety of prothesis to cover all my needs: for running, cycling and for everyday life. I use 3s80 knee for running (this is exactly what paralympics use) and carbon spring with a beautiful name "Catapult" from 'Freedom Innovations' has replaced my foot. Im almost ready so watch out for me at the next marathon.
About sport in general. Swimming, cycling, hiking are really beneficial in recovery and adaptation process (both from physical and psychological post of view). Ive met some really cool guys that are really into sport too! Big hello to Igor and Vlad! I have set myself some ambitious goals that Im trying to accomplish right now. 3 kids, 3 jobs, new home, refurbishment and renovation works, sports etc etc… Life is just a beautiful rollercoaster.

Last weekend I've cycled 32km Ryga marathon in 1.05hr. Ive experienced an enormous euphoria as was able not only come to a finished line but to get ahead of some of the big healthy guys on some serous bikes. Average speed is 30k per hour. Now Im in the process of producing an artificial limb to specifically fit my bike where I would not need to use the shoe to get attached to the pedal.
Im also trying to change the construction of the knee so I can pedal while standing. Stay tuned. Im out of the hibernation period and ready to share the stories from the lives of 'one-legged' :)

Vlad has launched a project, BeU #SuperHumans and I am one of its contestants. I will tell you more about it in my next post. All the best and have a good week.
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