We help Krassikov brothers to achieve their dream — which is to prepare and take part in Tokyo Olympics 2021

Dmitry and Valentine Krassikov

Narva, Estonia | fencing

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Dmitry and Valentine Krassikov are the twin brothers and like two peas in a pot. They study at Narva Orthodox Humanitarian High School – the school is small but like a big united family.

The brothers are very sociable, kind-hearted and loved by all the schoolmates.
They were born on 29th of September 2002 (it was a premature birth, children were only 32-weeks old and at around 1720g weight and 43 – 44cm height ). Dmitry is the older brother as he was born 10 minutes earlier than Valentine.

Nowadays they are cool boys and taller than their mother. The brothers are special as they both have ICP, Dmitry has moderate ICP diagnosis and Valentine has severe ICP diagnosis. Nevertheless, boys have sharp minds and they are active and socialized enough.

From a young age their mother taught them to never hide from life and to walk this imperfect world with their heads held high and keep spirits strong. Give smile to the world and it will smile back at you abundantly.

The brothers study under a common school program. They do not like having any discounts because of their diagnosis and try to be square with the world, which earns them much respect amongst their friends. By the way, the boys have many friends, both girls and boys among them. They are surrounded by people all the time.

Dmitry is a smart lad, he likes to cook and spends quite some time in the kitchen. He is a quick-tempered person but also very easy to appease. There are different church practices at school where the boys study. Dima takes and active part in them and has a hypodeacon rank so he knows about responsibility not by hearsay. He is such a patient, strong and persevering person who can stand through church services which can sometimes run for hours.

Valentine walks with the help of a crutch because of his diagnosis, but he is as nimble as his brother. Unlike Dima, he is not so impulsive but calmer, diligent and solid person. Children at school share their secrets with him and they do it with pleasure, as they know that their words will not leave this circle of trust.

Valentine started thinking about coaching as his future job after visiting some sport competitions. There are no coaches for paralympic fencing in Estonia, but there are many boys and girls who need to be taken out of their "shell" and would greatly appreciate if someone worked with them. Now more than ever he needs to have a sense of purpose as the time is running.

The brothers have been trainings since the third grade at school. After taking part in the very first sport competitions (the brothers were 12 years old) life turned out to be more interesting.

They have made many new contacts which inspired Dmitry and Valentine to take this further. The boys participated in the World championship in Holland in October, 2016 and decided to follow their dream and reach the worldclass level in sports. The main goal for them now is to participate in Tokyo Olympics 2021!
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We help Krassikov brothers to achieve their dream — which is to prepare and take part in Tokyo Olympics 2021
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