We help Matvey to achieve his dream — to take parts
in the international dance competitions on wheel chairs

Matvey Serednitskiy

Narva, Estonia | Sport dance

Rita (Matvey's mother) on facebook
Matvey is a seventh grader and he studies at a special class for children with motor disturbances. Matvey has spastic diplegia. It is a form of infantile cerebral paralysis. He is in his right mind but it is not easy for him to study. He had to change schools every year. Not all schools can teach and deal with children with special needs.

Despite all the obstacles Matvey likes to study, he is a very hard-working and responsible person.

If children were appreciated according to these facts, Matvey would be straight A level student. Unfortunately, Matvey has health problems concerning his vision, his arms (it is hard for him to use his arms), and he can not walk without support. All these can crush even the strongest of spirits… However, Matvey does not see himself unlucky or sad. Even though his younger brothers and sister are able to do more than him, Matvey is sure that everything will work out just fine and that he is doing his best. Good to note, he is better at computer games than his brothers and sister.

Matvey has three brothers and one sister. All children and the father (who is a football coach) enjoy sports. No surprise that the children were raised with great passion for sports. Matvey always wanted to be in some kind of sport and believes everyone should be active and enjoy physical activities. When Motya was younger his parents managed to get him into different rehabilitative exercises and methods. They say that those methods were an essential component for the future career in sports. Having a great deal of motivation as a child he tried to do his best at everything, and proved himself as an overachiever and a fighter. Parents are delighted about this fact. Such attitude from Matvey's side leaded him to a personal development and inspired self belief and optimism. The parents are glad that they can encourage and support Matvey and hopefully see him standing strong on his own feet one day. It does cost a lot of money to support Motya but the family memebrs do not complain, and try everything they can to provide for Matveys recovery. The parents see how inspired he gets by his achievements and the difference between sports and rehabilitative exercises. He feels very motivated when it comes to real sports.

Matvey has several favorite kinds of sports where he believes he could show one's abilities and skills and surprise people with his achievements.
Despite the doubts from the outside he is confident. He likes football, swimming (including swimming under water) and boxing, he likes riding a bike and walking on a stepmill. Matvey understands that there are not so many opportunities for him in the city, so he is ready to go in for any kind of sports. His parents try to solve the problems of children with special needs and Matvey inspired them to open a special center, where they can facilitate different sporting activities as well as summer camps.

Despite all the amazing facts Matvey keeps his dream of being in real sport but sadly his parents can do only so much to support his vision. The boy's parents dream to put their beloved child on his own feet. They are sure that if Matvey makes his dream come true, their dream will be fulfilled also.
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We help Matvey to achieve his dream — to take parts
in the international dance competitions on wheel chairs

Tallinn, Estonia
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