We help Makar to achieve his dream — to be a part of the National Diving Team of Estonia

Makar Medvedev

Tallinn, Estonia | Sport diving

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Makar was born on 27th October, 2000 with a diagnosis inheritable achromotrichia. The diagnosis is very complicated and there is still not much research done. Here is a description:
– 10% of residual vision approximately;
– acute light reaction which affects residual vision, so, as a result, he has to use sunglasses (whatever the weather) to somehow distinguish objects around him. The brighter the light the lower is acuity of vision, any kind of changes in lighting affect acuity of vision;
– complete absence of chromesthesia;
– nystagmus.

Makar's parents did their best to raise the child with the rest of children and tried to avoid the thoughts that Makar is 'different' somehow.
Makar has had a passion for sports since he was a little boy but he could not find the one that suited him. He tried so many kinds of sports: football, wrestling and many other sports.
Three years of diving, three years of knowing: that is truly my kind of sport!
— Makar Medvedev
He does not need to rely on his vision in diving sport which is a big plus!
Makar is very persistent and trying hard to succeed but there is still much work to be done.

Last year Makar got an opportunity to take it to another level, which was the Championship of Estonia. Competitions did not go so well for Makar and made him quite upset. Many of his co-partners from a diving club performed with much success and received places of honor in the national team of Estonia. They later went on to participate in the second stage of the World Cup in Kaunas.

Makar however did not give up and decided to follow his dreams and to win gold and silver medals at the Championship of Estonia; to be a part of the national team and honorably represent his country in the international competitions.
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We help Makar to achieve his dream — to be a part of the National Diving Team of Estonia
Tallinn, Estonia
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