We help Matvey to achieve his dream — to practice
Kundalini yoga on regular basis

Matvei Smirnov

Narva, Estonia
Matvey is 17 now. He was diagnosed with Down's syndrome when he was born.

He could not crawl, sit and talk for a while. His physiatrist said that he could not feel any Matvey's muscles.

Nevertheless, he was on his feet when he turned three years old.

He started walking when he was four. After that, his verbal skills were developing day by day.

Despite the fact that Matvey tries so hard and wants to learn, but it is much harder for him to solve some tasks, which other kids can handle easily.

Matvey is very interested in classes, where he can practice with adults. He is ready to do anything, but in the company of other people: writing, painting, coloring, reading…But he likes Kundalini yoga classes most of all.

Thanks to Kundalini yoga classes Matvey has got energy and got interested in dances and jiu-jitsu.

He participated in the International dance festival NO LIMIT in 2019 with his solo dance and got the Audience Choice Award.

Matvey has got an opportunity to become friends with the other Kundalini yoga students, he practices on equal terms with everyone, he learns how to be a part of a group.

Matvey's motor skills become better and better when he practices Kundalini yoga regularly, also, you can see that his thought process is much better as well as his awareness when he does arm swings, breath exercises, twisting.

Matvey is a very nice and positive guy. People can learn so many things from him. His cheerfulness is very inspiring. He loves to laugh and joke. He tries to stay positive, to do the things he likes and to enjoy his life.

If you ask Matvey to tell about himself, he will just say, that he is a cool guy, who loves yoga and music.

One of the most amazing sides of Matvey's character is that in critical and difficult situations he does not panic, moreover, he is trying to find the way out.

We help Matvey to achieve his dream — to practice
Kundalini yoga on regular basis

Tallinn, Estonia
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Vladislav Loginov