We help Elena Pipper to reach her dream — to take part at the first and the only one event to qualify for taking part in Paralympic games in Tokyo, 2021.

Elena Pipper

Tallinn, Estonia | powerlifling

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Elena Pipper is very motivated woman, who raises her son, works in CFFT laboratory, , and also, she is a volunteer, heading the Society of Physically challenged Women of Tallinn and Harjumaa.

Elena's family, including her mother, was an inspiring and positive example to follow for such a special daughter, because the girl could not have an access for sport objects and sports, as well as for any kind of information about sports due to a very serious disease, which chained her movements. Elena could move only holding someone's hands or the walls when she was a child. As for now, her son together with her learn how to play piano, visit animal shelter, also, they make videos and help each other to get over some obstacles and problems.

Elena and her son are fond of sports. They have a collection of more than 125 medals. Before Elena's son was born she was the most famous swimmer with CP (Cerebral Palsy) disease, she learned how to swim when she was 13, she even took part in competitions in Sweden. When her son was born, she started preparing for Paralympic Games in London of 2012 on a rowboat as a rowing athlete with 4 more sportsmen (class LTAMix4+), she did her best, but, unfortunately, she could not reach the goal.

There is one more member of Elena's family, it is her partner in life, his name is Rene, with the most severe degree of myelitis. Nevertheless, he is able to help and support Elena. Rene accompanies Elena everywhere she goes: he walks her and meet after trainings, he helps to do the grocery, supports her when she faces difficulties and obstacles, when she rides her special three-wheel bike. This bike, by the way, was purchased with funds raised during a bike ride named "Be yourself, Rule!", which was organised together with Radio 107 and the charity fund BeU.

At the present moment Elena's dream is about showing her son, herself and other people with serious diseases of different ages that a woman can reach her dream: to become a part of Paralympic games!

Elena would love to see, that every common school or gym could be open for everybody despite of peculiarities of their bodies or the other special needs. Elena has been trained as a powerlifter for 3 years.

All the her money, as well as her strength, are directed to trainings, because she wants to become the first and strongest sportswoman from Estonia in bench pressing. She is the only one in Baltic states at the moment, and her record in competitions for absolutely healthy sportsmen is 50 kg. In other words it means «gold and bronze medal» in a corresponding class. Elena's personal coach Maksim Ignatenko, who trains Elena 3 times a week and she has a strict plan to pass through an international competition and to become an great athlete at Astana 2019 World Para Powerlifting Championships (bench pressing) in July 13 -20 (Kazakhstan).

Elena can become a successful person in this field and she needs our support! BeU fund #SuperHumans helps Elena to make her dream come true – she wants to take part at the second obligatory competition on the way to Tokyo Paralympic games 2021 with her coach Maksim Ignatenko.

Elena is the best sportswomen of a year from Estonian Union of the Sports for the Disabled in 1998 (swimming) and in 2012 (rowing).
We help Elena Pipper to reach her dream — to take part at the first and the only one event to qualify for taking part in Paralympic games in Tokyo, 2021.
Tallinn, Estonia
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