The cup of Estonia and other
summer results
I participated the cup of Estonia and wan 2 bronze medals. Surely, I am very glad, though, probably, I could have made better results. I performed in the equipping, which was bought on the money raised from the fun run.

I kept my training during the first month of the summer: I went to a gym and a swimming pool but I did it without a schedule.

I spent the second month of the summer travelling. Three of my friends and me decided to go to some good places in Russia by a microbus. I rested there most of the time, but I also kept doing some exercises as well as running to stay in a good shape. My body has recovered by now, all the wounds and callouses are healed and my spirit is ready for the further trainings. I am still motivated to become a part of Estonia Team in October, 2017. Music is my additional motivator and inspiration, some of the tracks just fill me with inspiration and they give me some power.

The rest of the summer and the beginning of the autumn I will spend training and preparing for the coming competitions, because I really want to take part in them.
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