We help Alexander Kalichava to achieve his dream —
to prepare and take part in Tokyo Olympics 2021

Alexander Kalichava

Riga, Latvia | Triathlon

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Alexander is a designer and programmer. He is a father of three children. Due to an accident in summer 2015, where Alexander got under the wheels of a trolley bus while cycling, he lost his right leg (just above his knee).

Cycling was his hobby which turned to be a serious passion. Every day (2-3 hours approximately) he was riding a bike for 60-80 km. Every day it was a competition with himself and breaking his own records.

The moment accident happened Alexander was just cycling to the store to buy some details to make his bike faster.

He did not notice the trolleybus approaching due to the heavy traffic. He slammed on the brakes but it was too late. He went over the handlebar falling under the wheels of the trolleybus and the driver was distracted at the moment and did not see him.

After 10 days he was discharged from the hospital and received a modern artificial limb from Ottobock (model 3r80). He was flying paraplane in a month time. It is worth mentioning that Alexander has been dealing with extremal sports for 10 years, having experienced many day flights in The Himalayas, Alps, in the mountains of Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and many other countries.

Half a year after an accident he took part in Riga randonnee where he was the only participant with an artificial limb. Moreover, the fact of having an artificial limb did not cause any obstacles or limits for him. Alexander has 2 jobs, he makes his house to be a good place to live, he is a wonderful family guy and has ambitious plans for the next several years. The main thing for him now is a participation in Tokyo Paralympic games in 2021.

Alexander's goal is to be a part of a triathlon team and competing in bicycle races. The accident was an ultimate challenge and a kick for him. Alexander is sure that all the limitations are in our heads. He knows that he can do anything if he sets his mind right. The most important thing is having faith in his own strength and following the dream.

His number one dream is to win triathlon race in Tokyo.
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We help Alexander Kalichava to achieve his dream —
to prepare and take part in Tokyo Olympics 2021
Tallinn, Estonia
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