We are helping Miron Pleshakov make his dream come true - to learn to swim.

Miron Pleshakov

Miron is 9 years old. He is in the 3rd grade of a school for kids with special needs. Miron's diagnosis is autism spectrum disorder.

Miron was absolutely healthy when he was born. His development as a child was even ahead of his age-mates development level. He was a smiley and companionable kid; Miron started walking when he was 10 months old and he was able to tell several words by the age of one. However, something went wrong when he turned 1.5 years old. Miron started shrinking into himself, acting in some strange ways, there were hysterics and anxiety. He could not sleep well anymore and lost his interest to other kids and animals. His development slowed down, Miron even lost some of his abilities in part or in whole.

As Miron's autism was not in its strongest form, he still had an ability to speak, even though his style of speaking was very specific, doctors advised to wait, they told that he might overcome these difficulties when he would become a bit older and his official diagnosis was made when Miron turned 6. Miron likes studying very much, he goes to school with pleasure. He learned how to read well, he likes maths and his handwriting is beautiful and neat. He also likes drawing, doing puzzles and Lego as well as listening to the music. Moreover, one of Miron's favorite thing became Kundalini yoga classes. He sais that the classes of Kundalini yoga make him happy and calm.

The hardest thing for Miron is communicating with his age-mates. He stays away from them. He really wants to talk and play with other kids, but it is hard for him due to his developmental challenges. Miron anxiety level is very high, he has many fears. He is afraid of animals, especially dogs; he also is afraid of water, he really worries when something is going wrong. Attending yoga classes and singing mantras give him a feeling of tranquility. Also Miron goes to a swimming pool and step by step with the support from his parents he gets used to water and really wants to learn how to swim despite of his fears.
We are helping Miron Pleshakov make his dream come true - to learn to swim.
Tallinn, Estonia
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Vladislav Loginov